Adayak Product Launch: Oval Car Decals

We have just launched four new products on Adayak this morning. We now sell white Euro style oval car decals for hiking, camping, kayaking and climbing. The vinyl decals measure 3″ x 5″ and are priced at only $4.95 each. We are also offering a special shipping rate of only $1.00 for decal only orders – best of all, you still get the item in 1-3 days!

Camping Decal
oval camping decal
Climbing Decal
oval climbing car decal
Hiking Decal
oval hiking window decal
Kayaking Decal
oval kayaking euro decal

I wanted to test the strength and durability of these decals before we put them up for sale, so I’ve been driving around with the hiking one for several months now. I put my decal on the rear windshield. Application was extremely easy – I did not have any air bubbles and the decal does not roll on the edges. It goes on smooth. And if you aren’t happy with the spot you can easily remove the decal and place it in a new position. Vinyl is great like that.

The decal on my car has been through rain, wind, and endured an extremely hot sun. The decal looks brand new and hasn’t faded one bit.

Order Your Car Decal

Here’s a picture of it on my car:

hiking decal on my car

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