Trail Talk: The Underwater Base Jumping One

Ok, so we took last week off on Trail Talk. I apologize… hopefully today’s will make up for it. I’m not doing the podcast version of today’s Trail Talk either (I know, double whammy) but that’s because we’re going to move our podcast in a new direction. We have all the equipment purchase and the software downloaded, we just have to start story building.

Well, onto today’s Trail Talk. We have a lot of cool posts today… several of them being videos. There’s an awesome climb on the Scotland coast, a podcast about how Freddie Wilkinson became a journalist, an extreme backwoods creeking video from BC, an underwater base jump off the continental shelf, and an update from Jill in Alaska (who is now in Montana).

Hope you enjoy!

Old Man of StoerOutdoor Adventures
The Accidental JournalistThe Dirtbag Diaries
Raffuse Creek ExplorationRoaring Fork Kayakers
Ciaos From ItalySteph Davis: High Place
The Leaving of the LightUp in Alaska

If there’s a blog post you’d like to see featured on Trail Talk, please shoot me an email or post a comment here with your link.

Have a great weekend!

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