No Trail Talk Today

Sorry folks… there is no trail talk scheduled for today. Why you ask? While you’re reading this blog post it just so happens that I am sipping on a pina colada in Key West. This is my first trip to Key West – I am just hoping there are no tar balls on the beach from the BP oil spill :-/

Adayak in Key West for Vacation
Photo by Chang’r on Flickr

Through the magic of modern technology I was able to write this blog post yesterday and time stamp it to go alive today… amazing, I know!

Between running the store and getting ready for my weekend away I did not have time to record the Trail Talk podcast. There’s a lot of cool things we want to do with the podcast and we really want to make it a quality production. I could have slapped something together – but that’s not something you or I want.

We should have a brand new Trail Talk ready for you on Monday. If there’s anything you’d like me to touch on please comment or email it to us and I’ll be sure to give you a shout out. I’ll still be tweeting while away this weekend, so follow me if you aren’t already at @Adayak.

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