Trail Talk: The Old West One

It’s Friday and time for another edition of Trail Talk – except this time you’ll notice something different. For the first time, we’ve attached a podcast to our Trail Talk blog posts. It only makes sense to actually talk about the blog content given the title of these posts. I ask that you go easy on us as this is our first go at a podcast. Over the next few weeks will work on editing, music, content etc. I’ll also try not to sound so monotone!

We might exploring into new content for podcasts but to kick things off we’re going to stick with Trail Talk and discuss some of the hot outdoor topics from other blogs around the internet. As soon as I can figure out how to get it on iTunes I’ll do that too, but for now you can download the mp3 or listen here:

Download Trail Talk MP3

For those of you just looking for a quick links to a good read I’ll go ahead with the normal Trail Talk process. Today we have an acclimation day on Denali at 17,000 feet, a look back at the American West, tips on how to stay alive in the Grand Canyon, a traveler’s checklist for Yosemite National Park, and an epic mountain biking trip to Mt. Graham.

Acclimation Day on DenaliWild Snow
Bodie State Historic ParkModern Hiker
Grand Canyon Early June UpdateGrand Canyon Hiker’s Blog
Traveler’s Checklist to Yosemite National ParkNational Park Traveler
Around the MountainBikepacking and Endurnace Mountain Biking

If you listened to the podcast, I’d love it if you posted a comment with your critiques – it will only help us get better. And as always, send us your links to awesome outdoor blog posts so we can include them in the next edition of Trail Talk.

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