Part of the Adayak model is to donate $1 for every order we get directly back to environmental and wildlife conservation groups. We believe in protecting and conserving the very same forests we hike in, rivers we paddle, rocks we climb and parks we visit.

We are pleased to announce that for the months of June and July (maybe beyond), Adayak will be donating to You may recall that we mentioned in a recent Trail Talk post. If it wasn’t for the Trail Talk post, we might not have found out about them. is an initiative to inform the public of the plight of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s whitebark pines, and to search for solutions to prevent their extinction. The problem they are having is with the pine beetle that is taking over the area and killing all the beautiful whitebark pines. In the northern Rocky Mountains of the U.S., whitebark pine mortality in some areas exceeds 90%, where the beetle infests 143,000 acres.

Here’s a video that will help you better understand their mission and where the donation dollars go.

Read more about our conservation efforts and on the Adayak Conservation page.

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