How To Enjoy The Outdoors: 101 Tips & Activities

The whole point of being in the great outdoors is to enjoy yourself. Whether you’re alone in the wilderness or spending time with family and friends, the outdoors is where you want to be to have a good time. There’s hiking, camping, climbing, rafting and a million other activities to keep you busy.

That’s why I put together this list of 101 Tips & Activities to Enjoy (and Not Enjoy) the Outdoors.

65 Things To Help You Enjoy The Outdoors

On a Trail

1. Take a stroll through the woods with your dog.
2. Hike something famous, like the Appalachian Trail.
3. Take photographs of the wildnerness.
4. Go horseback riding in the mountains.
5. Start trail running to exercise and release stress.
6. Look up. So many people walk with their heads down.
7. Stop and breathe in the fresh air.
8. Wear comfortable hiking shoes. Blisters suck!
9. Stay on the trail. If you venture too far you might get lost
10. Don’t listen to your iPod. Enjoy the sounds of nature.
11. Search for blooming wild flowers.
12. Plan a day hike on a trail loop so you finish exactly where you started.
13. Bring a trail map and plan your route before you go.
14. Bring snacks or candy. They will help keep you energized.
15. Don’t pack anything you don’t need. Build a gear list and stick to it.
16. Bring binoculars and try bird watching.
17. Talk to fellow hikers. They are an interesting bunch.
18. Keep a written trail journal and publish it online.
19. Plan short hikes for the early morning.
20. Bring a hiking stick. They’re cheap and make it easy on the knees.
21. Pack a lunch and blanket for a outdoorsy picnic.
22. Pack plenty of water – a day on the trail is never fun if you’re dehydrated.
23. Wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
24. Bring a small first aid kit. You never know when you might get injured.

On a Rock

25. Go rock climbing. There’s a difficulty level for everyone.
26. Bring plenty of chalk to keep your hands dry.
27. Visit a rock you never climbed before.
28. Lend someone a helping hand.
29. Trust your belayer.
30. Go bouldering… just be sure to bring your crash pad.
31. Do a multi pitch.
32. Enjoy the summit and take in the views.

In a River

33. Go canoeing on a flatwater lake.
34. Bring a float bag in case your boat flips.
35. Wear sunscreen – I guess I could use this tip for all the categories.
36. Dress appropriately. You might need a wetsuit in some rivers.
37. Don’t paddle a Class V rapid if you’re a newb.
38. Pack a cooler with lunch and enjoy a slow moving river.
39. Go tubing in the middle of summer.
40. Find a slick rock and use it as a slide into a river.
41. Build a rope swing on a tree by a river.
42. Wear a PFD if you’re going paddling.
43. Never go whitewater kayaking alone.
44. Wear a helmet cam.

On a Snowy Mountain

45. Spend a day skiing or snowboarding
46. Wear layers! You won’t believe how much a person can sweat when it’s 20 degrees.
47. Snowshoe through the backcountry
48. Hike up and ski down. It’s more fulfilling than a chairlift
49. Take your time. Don’t race down the slopes.
50. Bring walkie talkies so you can easily reach members in your party
51. Buy hand warmers – they last for hours.
52. Respect other skiers/snowboarders on the mountain.
53. Build a snowman
54. Keep moisture out of your goggles to prevent fogging.

At a Camp Site

55. Bring a sleeping bag that fits
56. If you’re in bear country, bring a bear bag!
57. Do the right thing, pack out your trash.
58. Build a camp fire and just stare at it.
59. Tell ghost stories.
60. Roast marshmellows.
61. Pitch your tent in the daytime so you can see what you’re doing.
62. Camp by water and fish for dinner.
63. Spend an hour looking at the stars.
64. Bring a mosquito net if it’s summer time.
65. Leave your shoes on the outside of the tent.

36 Ways To Have a Terrible Time Outdoors

Here are a few things you might do or look over that will ruin any chance of you enjoying your time in the outdoors.

66. Bring friends that hate the outdoors. They’ll ruin it for you.
67. Kayak a Class V if you don’t know how to roll.
68. Wear brand new hiking shoes for the first time on a 4 day hike.
69. Build a camp fire within 3 feet of your tent.
70. Have open food containers.
71. Walk through poison ivy.
72. Poke a rattlesnake with a stick.
73. Dive into a lake head first without checking depth.
74. Ski without goggles.
75. Free solo a rock climb (unless your Dan Osman).
76. Go hiking without telling anyone where you’re going.
77. Don’t bring enough water for your trip.
78. Forget where you parked your car.
79. Go canoeing downstream without having a ride back to your car.
80. Rock climbing when it’s raining and lightning.
81. Cause an avalanche.
82. Go rafting for the first time without a guide.
83. Wear jeans on the trail.
84. Wear shorts when horseback riding.
85. Track mud into your tent.
86. Boss people around with a bad attitude.
87. Bring non burnable foods/trash on your ultralight hike.
88. Drink water directly from a river without steralizing it first.
89. Eat berries you find on bushes and trees.
90. Bring a camera that is low on batteries.
91. Let blisters go without treating them.
92. Start climbing without checking your equipment.
93. Go whitewater kayaking without a helmet.
94. Wear perfume or cologne on the trail.
95. Mess with sasquatch.
96. Go to the bathroom within smelling distance of your tent.
97. Ski a black diamond on your first run.
98. Rock the chairlift.
99. Plan a weekend outdoor trip while you’re sick.
100. Plan your hikes during hunting season.
101. Go mountain biking with bad brakes.

If you have anything you’d like to add to the list, please post a comment and let us know. And don’t forget, you can get 15% off your next order by taking our 1 minute survey.

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