Bouldering at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a climbing and bouldering mecca for residents of SoCal. Joshua Tree is one of the youngest National Parks in the United States, only just becoming declared a park back in 1994. From the sky it looks like nothing more than a vast desert, but from the ground you will see spectacular views, unscathed rocky terrain and hills scattered with these unique looking Joshua Trees. In the right conditions, a Joshua Tree can live over one thousands years.

Entrance to JT National Park isn’t free – it will cost you $15 per vehicle for a 7 day pass… but the climbing, hiking and bouldering access you get is well worth the price of admission. There are 12 self-guided hiking trails, 9 campgrounds (not including backcountry camping, which is permitted), and over 8,000 climbing routes on 400 formations. Pretty sick right!

Check out this cool video I found on Vimeo, shot recently at Joshua Tree National Park. It looks like the photogs set up a camera on a tripod and set it to take a picture every couple of minutes. Put them all together and you get a motion picture!

Have you ever been to Joshua Tree National Park? What do you love about it? Post a comment and let us know.

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