State and National Parks Are In Trouble

Tom Mangan of Two Heel Drive wrote an article Tuesday on Trail Space titled “State Park Closures Grab Headlines.” The subject of the article is the lack of funding within the states for our parks. It’s no secret that many (if not all) state governments and the federal government have massive debts – our country keeps spending and spending. Well, it’s finally catching up to us- only right now, it’s in the form of State Park closures and increased park fees.

Soon, there could be a day when we no longer have government run state parks. When you have programs like education, police/fire rescue and new road projects… you can why state parks can sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the list in funding – or just chopped out completely (no pun intended). While, I don’t think we’ll ever get to the day where state and national parks are commercialized – imagine Yellowstone brought to you by Toyota – I do think that would could see some of nature lost to new condo construction, marinas, water parks, etc.

We can’t let this happen. There will come a day when the federal government just can’t provide the funding needed to protect our national parks. Either they’ll cut funding or start closing parks.

This is were conservation comes in. We have the ability to help save our parks through foundations that give money directly to the parks. Through tax exempt donations, we can keep state and national parks up and running. A simple Google search for “your favorite park foundation” will likely return several organizations that fight to conserve the park lands. It’s going to be up to the people to donate to the parks if we want to keep them around for our children and grand children.

By shopping with us, you can help the parks with every purchase. At Adayak, we donate $1 for every order we receive directly to environment and wildlife conservation groups.

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