Wind River Range Fly Fishing

The Wind River Range (Wyoming) is home to some of America’s best fly fishing rivers. In fact, it is consistently ranked the #1 fly fishing river on many reputable sites, including The Wind River Range is in western Wyoming (south of Yellowstone) and has a high peak of 13,804 feet. Nestled deep below those peaks are streams and lakes rich with a variety of trout including cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and golden trout. It’s heaven for people into fly fishing. Take a look at these pictures and you will know why.

wind river range

wind river

wind river pictures

wind river wallpaper
All pictures are from Flickr under the creative commons license

Fly fishing is one of America’s favorite past times. Fly fishing is something that can be done alone, in nature. It’s just you, the rod and the outdoors. You can fly fish all day, not catch a thing and still have a great experience. It’s calming… and the solitude brings a sense of purpose to your life.

When I think of fly fishing, I always think back to the turn of the 20th century and have a scene from A River Runs Through It in my head. One thing I love about fly fishing is that in 100+ years it hasn’t changed much at all. Sure there have been new technological advances in the reels and fishing line but for the most part it remains the same.

Do you enjoy fly fishing? Have you been to the Wind River Range? Post a comment and let us know.

3 thoughts on “Wind River Range Fly Fishing

  1. Hey David,

    Thanks for the article…I have been doing research on the Wind River Range…never fished wyoming before but I found a website that referred to the wind river range avg trout size of 14 to 17 in…my buddy and I are looking for a river that averages big fish that are wall to wall crowds. I noticed that the indian reservation on the wind river range seems to be the least crowded and hold the largest fish. The problem is we want to do a llama pack in trip or a self guided rafting trip and dont seem to be able to do this on the reservation. So my question to you is do other sections of the wind river range avg fish in the 14 to 17 in range and if yes what sretches are they so we can start planning our trip–its kind of confusing is the wind river range a river or a mountain range that has rivers throughout? Any help or direction on this matter will help greatly.



  2. The Wind River Range is a mountain range that is home to the Wind River (which is part of the Bighorn River) and a dozen other creeks and rivers. If you’re looking to do a llama pack in trip – check out these guys –

    Give them a call or any other local fly fishing guides to get a better idea of the hot spots in the time of year you’re looking to travel.

  3. Do not listen to anything that the author of this site posts. He’s never even been to the Winds. If he had, he would realize that most of what he has written is canned garbage. The Wind river does not flow through the winds. It doesn’t even start in the winds. As far as “a dozen other creeks and rivers,” take a look at a map and see for yourself.

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