Trail Talk: The Thimble One

Hiking, climbing, camping, kayaking, fishing … it’s all done outdoors, in nature. But that doesn’t mean the participants don’t write a mean blog. In fact, outdoor enthusiasts are some of the best bloggers out there. We have amazing pictures, awesome trip reports and backcountry stories you can’t find anywhere else.

Today is Friday – that means 3 things.
1. The 10% off Earth Day coupon is still going on. Use coupon: EARTH10 at checkout
2. Tomorrow is the weekend and the weather is beautiful
3. Time for another edition of Trail Talk!

I’m very excited for today’s post. I found some great blog posts this week and can’t wait to share them. We have a new list of free camping spots in British Columbia, a glimpse of frazil ice in Yosemite, a trip report on The Thimble, gator spotting at Rock Springs, and a video recap from Limestoner 2010.

Camp for Free in B.C.Tracks and Trails
Frazil Ice on Yosemite Nature NotesModern Hiker
The ThimbleSoCal Hiking
Rock Springs RunDave’s Yak Tales
Limestoner 2010 VideoClimbDFW

Like always, if you’ve come across a kick ass blog post that you think should be featured on Trail Talk please send it to us.

One thought on “Trail Talk: The Thimble One

  1. You are so right about outdoord enthusiasts being the best bloggers! The fact they are helping others find beatiful places is great. When traveling to a new location I always find bloggers in the area to find cool places to visit.

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