Pacific Northwest Conservation

Conservation Northwest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with goals of protecting the ecosystems and wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. From Day 1 at Adayak, it has been one of our goals to give back to the outdoors – to donate directly to conservation groups that protect the environment we play in. I want to announce that Adayak will be donating $1 for every order placed on our website directly to Conservation Northwest.

I’m excited to kick off our contributions with Conservation Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is gorgeous territory and home to a vast array of wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves and caribou. The Cascades in particular are a highly visited National Park where people enjoy hiking, climbing, kayaking and other outdoor recreational activities. For the last 20 years, Conservation Northwest has ensured that the land and animals from the Washington Coast to the BC Rockies are protected.

Conservation Northwest has a dedicated staff in four different locations that works extremely hard to come up with new conservation strategies and fight tough battles. They live and work in the environment they fight to protect. Check out some of Conservation Northwest’s most recent victories:

  • Their wildlife monitoring cameras recently took the first pictures of the first documented wolf pack in Washington in 70 years.
  • They led, and won, the ten-year effort to gain protection for Canada lynx under the Endangered Species Act.
  • They protected 25,000 acres of the Loomis State Forest in north-central Washington, essential habitat for lynx.

North Cascades

If you have a conservation charity that you would like Adayak to donate to, please contact us or leave a comment. You can also read more on Adayak Conservation.

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