What the heck is Adayak?

First, I’ll tell you what it’s not. Adayak is not some new breed of yak – just ignore that image when it comes up. Adayak is actually a made up word. After hours of thinking of a business name for my new outdoor apparel company I cam across Adayak… which is a combination of Adventure + Kayak. I literally wrote down a hundred outdoor words and started combining them to form new words. I wanted something unique, something that people would be hearing for the first time. Adayak popped up and for the life of me I couldn’t get it out of my head. After days of going back and forth, I finally decided this new word wasn’t going to go away.

Now, I’ll tell you what it stands for. Have you ever been bouldering and grabbed that final hold on your way to a first ascent? Have you ever been rafting down the Snake River and took a Class V rapid head on? Have you ever spent 4 months of your life on a thru-hike that tested every ounce of your being? All those feelings and all those memories during your outdoor adventures are what make up Adayak.

It’s our goal at Adayak to capture everything we experience in the outdoors and bring it to apparel. We want the hiker, the camper, the climber, the kayaker – we want you all – to look at one of our products and see your passion.

Welcome to Adayak, my friends.

One thought on “What the heck is Adayak?

  1. I love the name! I am an outdoor enthusiast. I don’t always have time to go everything I would like, but I am out there trying!

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